Google Ads, Google Grants & Grantspro management

Our paid search retainers help charities achieve real charitable outcomes

  • cash gifts
  • acquisition of regular givers
  • prospecting for new donors
  • new campaigners
  • increased brand awareness with people writing wills
  • your advice and support in front of the people who need it most

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is Google’s platform that allows you to advertise on its search results pages, and on third party websites (the Google Display Network).

What is Google Grants?

Google Ad Grants is part of Google for Nonprofits, Google’s pro bono programme that lets charities use some of its services for free.

Google Ad Grants is a $10,000 monthly advertising credit that charities can use to advertise on search results pages, bringing new visitors to their websites.

How we can help you

We manage the Google Ad Grants, Grantspro and paid AdWords accounts for charities.

We can help you bring service users, campaigners and fundraisers to your website, and help make the most of this incredible resource.

Why work with us?

  • We’re Google Partners – so we have the inside track on what gets you results
  • We’re part of Google’s Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community – we’ve been recognised for our work with nonprofits
  • SightsaversRelate and The Bike Project use us as their PPC agency
  • We’ve done PPC projects for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s CharityMedical Aid for Palestinians and more.
  • We’ve helped 10 other charities spend the full grant available to them
  • We run the Google Grants roundtable meetup for Grants managers in all UK charities

Find out how we took The Bike Project from having no PPC accounts in place to generating 90% of their traffic and 75% of their online bike sales through Google Ads.

Google Ads account audits

In January 2018, Google announced sweeping changes to the Ad Grants programme.

To keep their Google Ad Grants accounts, charities now have to:

  • maintain a 5% account-wide click through rate
  • stop targeting single word keywords
  • not target the brand names of other organisations.

To get started, here are 5 things any charity can do to get compliant.

We can also tell you exactly what you need to do through our compliance audit.

We’ll analyse your account, and talk you through a practical to-do list. We can even help you implement the changes you need.

Email us below find out more about our Google Ads audit.

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