Google Apps campaigns 

Google Ads app campaigns promote your charity’s app across search, YouTube, and the Display Network.

Our team can significantly improve your app’s visibility for new users and user engagement with existing users.

Types of campaign

We offer three tailored app campaign types to meet your specific needs:

  1. App installs: Designed to encourage people to install your app, this campaign gets your app in front of the right audience.
  2. App engagement: This campaign aims to re-engage existing and past users to encourage specific in-app actions, keeping your app active and relevant.
  3. App pre-registration: This is perfect way to create a buzz in the market. It builds excitement and interest before your app launches on the Google Play store.

Great ad creative

We help make sure your creative is suitable for Google’s placement options by helping you with:

  1. Audio – Guidelines on the best principles when including audio in your ads when shown on YouTube. 
  2. Creative messaging – Guidelines on how best to strategically build a diverse portfolio of creative assets for the ad’s placement.
  3. Audience targeting – Guidelines on how to best reach your target audience e.g. installs vs app engagement

Visibility through ad placement

Your ads will appear on a variety of high-traffic platforms:

  • Google Search and Search Partners: Ads are displayed when people search for relevant terms, ensuring a targeted approach.
  • YouTube: Video ads showcasing your app in action, capturing the audience’s attention.
  • Google Play Store: Directly targeting searches for similar apps or users of related apps, making your app stand out.
  • Display Network and Apps: Your images and video ads will appear across the internet in the most relevant places.

Retainer Google Ads services

Many of our Google Apps campaigns are through our retained Google Ads services for charities.

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  • Customised strategies: We tailor them to align with your charity’s goals and values.
  • Search expertise: Our team understands charities’ unique needs and challenges, enabling us to create more impactful campaigns.
  • Success: We have a track record of helping charities increase their reach and engagement through effective app campaigns.

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