Digital reviews

We can transform your charity’s digital performance, help you raise more money online and even attract and retain talent with a digital strategy roadmap. 

If you feel like you could be using your digital channels better but don’t know where to start or where it’s most effective to invest your budget, we’ll find out and equip you with practical steps and a roadmap to reach your goals.

What it is

A digital strategy roadmap begins with a comprehensive analysis of all the factors in your organisation that present opportunities or challenges to your digital marketing and fundraising. 

How we do it

We have a tried and tested process.
  1. Discovery – we benchmark where you’re at through detailed team/stakeholder interviews, documentation analysis and workshops.
  2. Analysis – we analyse your channels and the themes of the interviews to get to the core of the issues
  3. Report – we report back through a stakeholder presentation and detailed report, including a detailed roadmap of what to do next.

We’ll speak to team members across your organisation at different levels to understand:

  • the challenges they face every day and opportunities they’d like to pursue
  • how widespread any issues are and the potential impact 
  • whether strategic objectives are effectively understood, championed and carried out by the people delivering the everyday work
  • whether your digital transformation goals are effective and long-lasting

We’ll identify and diagnose issues such as:

  • fundraising and marketing teams working in a siloed way
  • unachievable objectives due to teams that aren’t big enough or low investment in paid advertising or marketing
  • lack of a shared belief in the potential of digital marketing

We’ll suggest practical solutions and give you a roadmap outlining when to do what and why.

We can also add the following in to make the roadmap really specific to what you need:

  • Digital skills – we can assess the digital expertise in your charity and create training plans to fill any gaps (find out more about our in-depth digital skills reviews)
  • Strategy workshops – we can facilitate workshops that fix foundational strategic issues, like unclear roles and responsibilities  
  • External analysis – we analyse external factors, market and technological considerations that might affect how you use your channels
  • Competitor review – we can look at what your competitors are doing in organic social media channels and Meta Ads to see how you can get ahead
  • Channel reviews – we’ll look at your key communication channels to see whether what you’re doing is as effective as possible and meeting best practice

Why work with us

  • We have deep and broad charity experience – we’ve worked in and for charities of all types and sizes, so we recommend solutions that will work for you. 
  • Our team are like therapists – that’s what our clients have told us, so your team will feel safe sharing their views and experiences with us. 
  • We’re thorough – we’ll give you every answer we can, even the tough ones. 
  • We’re open to feedback – if you feel like our recommendations are missing things you need, we work hard to fill those gaps. 
  • We have really happy clients – many charities have implemented our strategic findings in their organisational strategies and appointed us to implement our findings. 

Who we’ve worked with

Here are some of the positive steps clients have taken following our roadmaps:

  • Dementia UK – we developed a digital marketing/email strategy to raise more money online and better deliver supporter journeys
  • Haven House Children’s Hospicewe helped them develop a more supporter-centric approach to digital fundraising.
  • Islamic Relief UK – we recommended they invest more in their paid social media activity to raise money more online 
  • The Royal Marsden – we delivered a digital skills audit to identify where to invest in skills development

Our strategy clients


Battersea knew they wanted to invest in their digital fundraising, but weren’t sure how best to build on what they had already done.

Find out how we helped Battersea plan the next three years of their digital fundraising.

Haven House Children’s Hospice

“We had a great working relationship with Platypus. What stood out to us is that they really listened to our digital challenges without judgement. They understood that resources are limited for smaller charities, and gave us recommendations that were achievable. Thank you for helping us untangle our digital activities – now we can go forward confidently.”

Teena Antoniou, Senior marketing manager, Haven House Children’s Hospice

Find out how we can help your charity

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