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Do you know what your biggest digital opportunities are?

Our comprehensive digital reviews can tell you exactly what they are, and the steps to take advantage of them.

We can

  • review your digital fundraising, from outputs and processes to team structure and investment levels
  • audit your social media, making sure you aren’t just doing it because everyone else is
  • report on your email marketing, from whitelisting and deliverability to segmentation and moving away from newsletters.


Email marketing

Email marketing is the most underused resource available to charity digital teams. It can convert warm audiences to donors, and help cultivate people familiar with your charity’s brand.

Our in-depth email audit will tell you:

  • how to improve the emails you send
  • how to segment your subscriber list
  • how your email journeys can be improved
  • how to streamline your content creation process
  • how well set up your email templates are
  • when to send thank you emails and when to send call to action emails

We’ll also present our findings to a wider group of stakeholders at your charity, to make sure you get the buy-in you need make those improvements.

How we helped Action for Children

Action for Children knew they could be getting better returns from their email marketing.

So we worked closely with them to plan an audit of how the whole organisation uses email.

We interviewed stakeholders across teams, reviewed their setup and audited their emails against established and up-to-date best practice.

We delivered an extremely detailed and wide ranging report to the digital team. We also presented a summary of our findings to the wider team and a select group of senior managers responsible for implementing our recommendations.

Digital fundraising – structure and skills

If you feel like digital fundraising is falling through the gap between your digital team and fundraising team, we can help.

Our digital fundraising audit will help you ensure digital fundraising is properly resourced and sustainably organised.  

We hold carefully planned stakeholder interviews that give everyone in the organisation a chance to be heard, and look at:

  • your existing team structure
  • how well that serves your digital fundraising objectives
  • digital marketing skills and channel expertise in your team
  • your digital outputs, across email marketing, social media and Google advertising
  • budget cycles in relation to investing in digital marketing

At the end, you’ll have a prioritised roadmap and a presentation to senior stakeholders that gets everyone on board.

Find out how we audited Battersea Dogs and Cats Home’s digital fundraising.


Cross-channel audit

If you’re not sure if your email, social media and website content is up to scratch and getting you where you need to go, our cross-channel audit is for you.

We’ll examine your content across multiple channels, like:

  • your email marketing
  • social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram)
  • online advertising (paid social and Google AdWords)
  • your website

We’ll create a really practical report with clear steps to take. We’ll even help you get the buy-in of your senior management team for implementing it.


Social media audit

If you’re not sure whether all that work you put into your social media feeds actually meets your objectives, our social media audit will tell you.

We’ll analyse:

  • The types of content you put out
  • How well your content meets your objectives
  • How much your target audience engages on those channels
  • Your internal processes

We’ll give you a clear list of recommendations on how you can improve your social media activity to get you real results. 

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