TikTok Ads for Charities

What are TikTok Ads?

TikTok Ads allows charities to create engaging and creative content for social media platform, TikTok. 

Users can share that content, and that increases your charity’s brand awareness. 

TikTok’s algorithm also makes it easy for charities to target specific audiences. That makes your campaigns more effective.

TikTok offers several advertising formats:

  • in-feed videos
  • branded filters and lenses
  • sponsored hashtags

This allows charities to choose the format best fits their campaign goals and target audience. 

TikTok also has tools and resources to help advertisers create and manage their campaigns, making it easy for even those with little advertising experience to manage an agency to run their ads.

How we do TikTok campaigns

  1. We identify your charity’s goals and target audience – this helps us identify the content to create and the most effective advertising formats for raising awareness of your charity.
  2. We develop a content strategy – this outlines the types of videos, images, and hashtags we’ll use in the campaign. We align these with your charity’s goals and target audience to create engaging and shareable content.
  3. Create the ads – these can include in-feed videos, branded filters and lenses, and sponsored hashtags. We make sure that the ads are visually appealing and comply with your charity’s brand guidelines and tone of voice.
  4. Launch the campaign – it’s launch day! We do this through TikTok’s ad platform so you always have access to it too.
  5. Optimise the campaign – We then move to optimisation to get the best results for your budget. We review metrics like engagement, clicks, and conversions, and adjust the ads and targeting.
  6. Report – we report on all the important metrics of your campaign, including clicks, conversions (like purchases or sign ups), likes, comments and shares on the ads. The report also includes a summary of the key findings, insights from the campaign, and recommendations for future campaigns. This report can be shared with your wider team to help inform future campaigns.

Why work with us?

  1. We’re a TikTok accredited agency. Our team has completed the TikTok Business Learning Center modules, so we have access to new features and enhanced support.
  2. We have lots of charity campaign experience. We run advertising campaigns for charities on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube, Google Display Network and more. So we know all about online advertising for charities.
  3. We use specialist platforms to manage your campaigns. They help us get the best results for your campaign.
  4. We support and guide you throughout the campaign. So you’ll get an enjoyable campaign as well as a successful one.

Email [email protected] to find out more about how we can help your charity with TikTok campaigns.

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