Conversion Rate Optimisation For Charities

We can increase the percentage of people who complete valuable actions on your website (your conversion rate) such as cash donors, new regular givers and event sign ups and give them a better user experience with CRO. 

What it is

CRO involves testing and optimising elements of your website’s landing pages to see if we can enable your website visitors to complete their tasks more quickly and easily, improving your conversion rate long term.

How we do it

We take care of the whole process, from planning and setup to delivery and reporting:

  • Define your goals – We work with your team to identify the objectives of the project and review the tracking set up to link objectives to measurable KPIs we can observe during testing
  • Review the data – We look at data from Google Analytics plus other tools and qualitative information such as userflows, click and heat maps and screen recordings to assess the current situation and to inform our assumptions. 
  • Build out hypotheses/assumptions – We write hypotheses about the possible reasons for any lower performance for example, is a donation form too low down the page or a block of text distracting visitors from completing a form?
  • Select the best hypothesis – We take the hypothesis we think will have the biggest impact and plan a test around it. For example, if we think your hero image will play the biggest role in getting people to donate, we’ll start there.
  • Design tests – We design variants that fit with your brand and user needs and usually share wireframes before finalising designs with your teams.
  • Run pre-tests for build and quality assurance (QA) – We run tests on the most popular device and browser types to spot issues around accessibility, useability and functionality before launch. 
  • Launch the tests – we first launch to 25% of selected users (throttle) to be confident there are no issues, then launch to all test subjects. 
  • Report results – We monitor tests and report results, helping you understand what they mean, why they’re important and what you need to do about them.
  • Next steps – Once we have significant results we can end the test and either implement the winning variant or pass this to your website team. The results also inform new hypotheses or revisions we can test. 

Why work with us

  • We’re very experienced – our method is tried and tested over hundreds of hours of CRO projects and has led to measurable results for some of the best known charities in the UK.
  • We have flexible pricing – we only cost work after a detailed discussion with your team and a review of your set up. 
  • We communicate openly – we’ll make sure you know what’s happening with your CRO project the whole time via email, calls and gantt charts.
  • We tailor reports – our real time dashboards are tailored to you, giving you the key information you need to report back to your teams.
  • We’re extremely thorough – the actions we recommend are explicit and comprehensive. We tell you exactly what we’ve found during testing and what that means for your organisation.

Who we've worked with


  • Sightsavers – We helped Sightsavers improve donation journeys to provide a better user experience and encourage larger donations to get the best ROI.
  • Teenage Cancer Trust – Too many website visitors were starting but not completing donations. To fix the issue, we planned and ran tests to ensure people were able to quickly find the specific actions they were trying to make. This also informed future work on the donation platform set up.
  • Oxford University – We designed tests to reduce the friction of the donation funnel and encourage more alumni to complete donations. Following this, up to 22% more people were completing donations.

What our clients say

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