We’re a digital agency with heaps of experience delivering powerful messages online for a range of great causes.

Our team has experience in charity, agency and startup roles. We’ve blended that experience of what gets results online to create a great service for charities.

Meet Our Team

Head shot of team member Matt Collins

Matt Collins

Managing Director

(mat col-leens) (he/him/his)

Hello! I’m Matt, and I founded Platypus back in 2014. I heard so many stories of big agencies not treating their charity clients well, so I wanted to create an agency that put charities first. I’ve worked in charities for my entire career.

My main expertise is in digital strategy. Day to day, I look after the whole business, from supporting the team, sharing their expertise in our marketing, and making Platypus a great place to work.

I particularly care about men’s mental health and tackling the climate crisis. I also love a good dad joke, far too much according to everyone in my life.

Head shot of team member Kris Tan

Kris Tan

Digital Strategist

(kris tan) (she/her/hers)

I’m Kris and my expertise is in digital marketing strategy, as well as running paid social campaigns.

I joined Platypus in 2018 after a few years of leading on supporter engagement work in international development and climate change nonprofits. Platypus has been a great place to translate my skills into doing good things and leaving a lasting positive impact on the world.

I’m passionate about social justice, anti-racism, human rights and collective activism. When I’m not at Platypus, I love scuba diving, travelling, and knitting socks because they’re the only shape I know how to knit in.

Head shot of team member Will Cardy

Will Cardy

Director of Client Services

(wil car-dee) (he/him/his)

I’m Will and I’m Platypus’ director of client services.

Day to day, I lead the delivery of services across all our clients. I joined Platypus because I’d been working in-house at startups, social enterprises and charities and wanted to join an organisation that combined all these elements together while having a positive impact on the world.

I’m also a trustee of The Bike Project. That’s given me the opportunity to help raise income to support people who have been displaced and are trying to rebuild their lives in the UK.

Head shot of team member Charlotte Cox

Charlotte Cox​

Senior Search Marketing Executive

(shar-lut cox(she/her/hers)

I’m Charlotte. I plan, create and report on Google Ad Grants and paid Google Ads campaigns for our charity clients, like Young Lives vs. Cancer, Sightsavers and Relate.

I joined the Platypus team in 2019 because I wanted to work alongside lots of charities on their digital marketing. Agency life gives me the chance to do just that and I love the work that I do.

I have lived experience with lymphoma – I founded Lymphoma Out Loud in 2017. That’s why I’m particularly passionate about cancer charities.

I’m also a massive Chelsea fan!

Head shot of team member Ruman Hasan

Ruman Hasan

PPC Marketing Manager (Paid Social)

(ru-maan hass-an) (she/her/hers)

Hi! I’m Ruman and day-to-day I oversee and deliver paid social campaigns covering digital fundraising, donor acquisition, brand awareness and list growth for our clients.

I’m Meta certified in media planning, media buying and creative strategy.

My background is in startups and charities, having worked in house at a large international development charity, serving as a trustee at a mental health charity and being part of the team that founded the Ramadan Tent Project.

I’m passionate about social justice, anti-racism and international development. I also geek out over behavioural psychology and personal development. I enjoy travelling, reading and a good long brunch!

Head shot of team member Jamie Pitts

Jamie Pitts

Digital Project Manager

(jay-mee pihts) (he/him/his)

Hey! I’m Jamie. I ensure our projects are delivered on time and to budget.

I have previously worked in product and project roles at both large and medium-sized charities. I am studying an Executive Master’s in Leadership at Bayes Business School.

I have an interest in youth empowerment, social mobility and the use of tech for social good.

I am obsessed with American Football, listen to what can only be described as an eclectic mix of music and a self-professed foodie!

Head shot of team member Tom Crowe

Tom Crowe

SEO Lead

(tom crow) (he/him/his)

Hello! I’m Tom and I help charities to grow their organic search traffic through a range of technical and on-page optimisation initiatives.

I started at Platypus in 2019. I had previously spent 6 years working for nonprofits before working in the private sector both in-house and at an agency, as well as freelancing. Working for Platypus, a charity digital agency, was a very natural fit!

I am particularly passionate about international development charities, refugee causes and organisations that provide aid in conflict zones.

I like to build my own websites in my spare time, but when I’m not being a geek I also love to play sports and guitar (not at the same time).

Head shot of team member Rob Murgatroyd

Rob Murgatroyd

Senior SEO Executive

(rob Mer-gah-troy-d) (he/him/his)

I joined Platypus as our Senior SEO Executive in 2022.
I’ve worked in digital marketing for a number of years, largely focusing on the private sector, and covering a variety of industries, both in house and in agencies. My move to Platypus was motivated by a desire to use my knowledge and experience to make a positive impact in society. Knowing that we’re helping charities who are doing amazing work across the country to gain visibility and be more effective at doing what they do is hugely rewarding.
I’m especially interested in supporting the fight against climate change through my own actions as well as doing what I can to encourage organisations to be responsible for taking account of their own impact on the climate and doing what they can to reduce it. 
In my spare time I love to travel where I can (offsetting my emissions of course!) and also love reading and films.
Head shot of team member Sarah Gate

Sarah Gate

PPC Marketing Manager (Google Ads)

(sah-ruh gate) (she/her/hers)

I’m Sarah, I’ve been developing and implementing Google Ads strategies for charities for over a decade.

I spend my days helping charities convert searchers into donors or enquirers. It’s the best job in the world.

Aside from that, I’m drawn to causes that help animals. In my spare time, I transport dogs from the streets in Morocco to forever homes in the UK.

I’m also a feminist activist, writer and poet. ​

Head shot of team member Chris Cottell

Chris Cottell

Paid Social Marketing Executive

(kris kuh-TEL) (he/him/his)

I plan, deliver, and report on advertising on Meta, TikTok, and other social media platforms for our clients.

I joined Platypus in early 2023 to develop my digital marketing skills and make a difference at the same time. I’m particularly passionate about ensuring everyone has equal access to information and education, having worked as a librarian, university Access Officer, and in-house at a social mobility charity. I’m also keen on environmental issues and widening participation in the arts.

In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, noodling on the piano and guitar, and romping across the Cotswolds with my spaniel, Heather.​

Head shot of team member John Moody

John Moody

Search marketing executive

(jon moo-dee) (he/him/his)

I joined Platypus as part of the Kickstart scheme in 2022.

I’ve always been enthusiastic about all things digital, so the opportunity to help some great causes whilst developing my digital marketing skills was too good to miss. On top of this, the team’s been so welcoming that I already feel like a veteran Platypus member.

I have a particular interest in Crohn’s charities. The cause is very close to my heart due to my brother living with the disease. I’m also always on the lookout for new environmental charities to support too!

In my spare time I love to try out new computer games and cook new recipes. I’m also a sucker for anything sustainable (I live for kilo’s sales!).


Alina Trucco

Digital project co-ordinator

Hello! I’m Alina and I’m a Digital Project Coordinator here at Platypus Digital.

Day to day, I manage projects across the internal teams and make sure they are delivered within the allocated timeframes and budget. I joined Platypus in 2023 as I wanted to work in a company that shared my same goal to make a positive change in society.

I am passionate about supporting charities that focus on raising awareness about the fashion waste crisis and the environmental consequences of fast fashion.

In my spare time I enjoy baking, spending time with my dog Coco and travelling.

Jamie Atkins Platypus Digital

Jamie Atkins

PPC Marketing Manager (Google Ads)

Hey, I’m Jamie! I bring over a decade of experience in the fast-paced digital marketing industry to Platypus. I help our team plan, deliver, and report on various advertising platforms while serving as a key client contact.

My passions lie in assisting the disadvantaged by providing access to essential resources and advocating for animal welfare to ensure they receive the love and care they deserve.

Outside of work, I enjoy cuddling with my dog Bruce on the sofa and exploring the beautiful nature and beaches nearby. I also appreciate a good all-inclusive holiday and the occasional shout in a choir.

We are big believers in:

  • a digital future for good causes – we get charities ready to deliver their services online in an increasingly digital world
  • strong digital skills – top quality digital marketing skills is the standard we believe in (and that’s a bar that’s getting higher every day).
  • being easy to work with – we do what we said we were going to do, and good relationships with our clients are non-negotiable.


Since 2014, we’ve been helping to deliver support online and fill digital donation buckets on behalf our clients.