Meta Ads retainers for charities

We work with charities to plan, optimise and report on lots of Meta Ads campaigns over a year or more through our Meta Ads retainers. 

Together, we’ll help you plan cash, fundraiser acquisition and brand awareness campaigns long term.

Here’s how we do it.

How Platypus Helped Dementia UK get more results from Meta Ads


We’ll plan your activity together from the ground up:

  • Goal setting – We will work with you to set goals that help achieve your fundraising, engagement or brand awareness targets.
  • Activity calendar – We work together to plot out your Meta Ads campaigns for the year.
  • Ad spend – We plan the ad spend across your campaigns, allowing for quick changes to make the most of your budget.

Set up 

We’ll make sure all the technical bits are working ahead of launch:

  • Tracking – We set up the Facebook Pixel if needed, so we can report on how well your campaigns are going.
  • Full data connectivity audit – We ensure your Google Analytics, Meta pixel and website backend are communicating as they should be. This gives us confidence that the information is correct so we can optimise and report effectively. 
  • Testing plan – We will create a testing plan for content and audiences.
  • Launch – Campaigns begin within 2-3 months of the start of our contract, with more activity starting throughout the year.


Our team will track and optimise your campaigns, taking into account: 

  • Audiences and content – we’ll check the performance every day. We shift the budget away from underperforming audiences and content and prioritise high-performing ad sets. 
  • Algorithm changes – we ensure your campaigns stay on top by adapting them to any changes Meta makes to the platform. 
  • World events – we’ll adapt to the impact world events like Covid lockdowns and the war in Ukraine on the Meta advertising environment.


We keep you posted on how the campaigns are going and how they went.

  • Progress calls – We will keep you up to date with catch-up calls on how your campaigns are performing.
  • Continuous performance reviews – we will hold wider reviews and end-of-campaign reporting calls.

Why work with us?

  • Responsive campaign management – Our expertise and knowledge of the charity sector means we can make changes to optimise your campaigns fast. 
  • Extend your team – Our clients often tell us that our team feels like an extension of their own team. We add expertise, knowledge and skills to your department that you can call upon when you need to. 
  • Optimise your budget – The more campaigns we run for you, the more we will understand your audience’s motivations. That means we spend your budget more effectively as time goes on.
  • Align with your organisational goals – ​​A long-term working relationship means we make a bigger contribution to your organisation’s long-term objectives.

Who we’ve worked with

  • Dementia UK – we have worked together since 2019, with results improving every year.
  • Mental Health Foundation – we have worked with the team for many years, and now deliver campaigns in a long term partnership.
  • Young Lives vs Cancer – our retainer began in 2020. Since then we’ve helped them raise thousands of pounds through Meta advertising campaigns.

Find out how we can help your charity

Fill in the form below, tell us what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll get back in touch to arrange a call to tell you more about how we can help!