How Platypus Helped Dementia UK get more results from Meta Ads

  • Dementia UK is the specialist dementia nursing charity. Its nurses, known as Admiral Nurses, provide free, expert advice, support and understanding to help families care for their loved one.
  • We have been working with Dementia UK since 2019.
  • Dementia UK hired us on a retainer basis to run a suite of paid social media campaigns and saw a huge improvement in performance.

The challenge

Dementia UK was looking to create a series of one-off Meta Ads campaigns, supported by always-on campaigns throughout the year. 

Throughout 2019-2020, Platypus ran many different one-off campaigns across various departments at Dementia UK. 

  • We covered everything from individual giving, in-memory and legacy acquisition, to challenges, events, community fundraising and service promotion.
  • We launched Facebook and Instagram ads for Dementia UK’s annual Time for a Cuppa campaign, successfully recruiting new community fundraisers and refining the approach year-on-year.
  • We also ran a campaign to bring their support to people who need it by promoting their services.
  • We ran always-on value exchange activity that has consistently generated incredible results since our pilot in 2021. 

We had a great working relationship with the team at Dementia UK. The campaigns supported lots of different teams, the results were good and everyone enjoyed working together.

Each of our campaigns had slightly different objectives and were aimed at similar audiences. So there was an opportunity to share learnings between the campaigns and teams, and optimise the activity. 

We also knew we could bring all the audience and performance data together to improve results across the board.

What we did

We changed how we were working together, moving from campaign-to-campaign to a year of activity through a retainer arrangement.

Campaign planning, optimisation and reporting started happening all the time, instead of in bursts. 

This long-term approach meant:

  • a more connected approach to campaigns where we can work with them on their long-term fundraising goals, rather than just on a one-off campaign
  • a much more streamlined, efficient approach to creating campaigns 
  • Dementia UK got better results for their budgets throughout the year
  • their team could work more collaboratively with our Meta Ads team, and could mine their expertise more often
  • our continual testing and learning meant a better understanding of how their target audience responds to content 
  • the ability to be more responsive, divert budget where it’s needed, and shift campaign focus altogether

What we achieved

Since we have been working in partnership with Dementia UK, we’ve seen campaign performance grow year on year. 

  • In the first year of the retainer partnership, the Time for a Cuppa Campaign saw a 87% decrease in the cost per acquisition.
  • We’ve piloted numerous campaigns which have eventually rolled out into seasonal bursts or always-on activity. 
  • We’ve successfully tested new channels for Dementia UK, like Spotify for a brand campaign.
  • We were able to significantly reduce Dementia UK’s spend on campaign planning and development (and so increase ad spend) by drawing on our prior knowledge and campaign history.

Our great working relationship continues to develop through even more successful digital campaigns. “Platypus were amazing to work with on this campaign. Dementia UK really wants to reach many more people affected by dementia than we currently do, and the Meta Ads team have really helped us with this. They’re the best agency I’ve ever worked with!” Kylie Petitt, digital engagement lead at Dementia UK

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