Digital skills reviews

If you feel as though your team could be better equipped to deliver great digital marketing, we can help you identify which digital skills are the most important, who needs to learn them, and how to learn them.

What is a digital skills review?

A digital skills review is a comprehensive analysis of the digital expertise and confidence  in your organisation. Our goal is to identify and equip you with the skills that will help you reach organisational goals.

We assess whether there are skills gaps across the organisation, what impact any gaps are having, and the blockers that stop your charity from developing the right expertise. 

The final output is a review identifying key areas for development and a roadmap to help you build the right skills to meet your organisational goals.

How we do it

We speak to team members across your organisation at different levels to understand:

  • how they think about digital and its place in their daily work
  • what kind of digital work they do and would like to do every day
  • how confident they feel delivering digital work
  • what skills they think they need to succeed
  • whether they feel supported in accessing digital training and development

We survey the wider team. This tells us how skill level breaks down by team, seniority or function.

We identify and diagnose issues. We draw these out from the survey results, stakeholder interviews and document analysis. Issues often include:

  • a mismatch between how digital skills are viewed and your organisation’s long term goals
  • team members do not have a clear idea of training goals or budgets
  • Not knowing what skills are the most important, or enough about them to decide what to prioritise
  • not knowing where to access good digital skills training

We create a roadmap. We organise our  recommendations into a timeline. This outlines when to do what, and the impact each step will have. We present this to you in a stakeholder presentation and detailed written report.


Why work with us

  • We have deep and broad charity experience – we’ve worked in and for charities of all types and sizes, so we recommend solutions that will work for you.
  • Our team are like therapists – that’s what our clients have told us. So your team will feel safe sharing their views and experiences with us.
  • We’re thorough – we’ll give you every answer we can, even the tough ones.
  • We’re open to feedback – if you feel like our recommendations are missing things you need, we work hard to fill those gaps.
  • We have really happy clients – many charities have implemented our strategic findings in their organisational strategies and appointed us to implement our findings. 

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve delivered digital skills reviews for great charities like The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Battersea, and Teenage Cancer Trust. 

They’ve all gone on to develop digital skills training programmes to increase the level of digital skills at their charities, and in turn, raise more money and awareness online.

Find out how we can help your charity

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