An introduction to Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social media platform that enables people and organisations to share their thoughts and have discussions with other relevant Twitter users.

It is the third most popular social media platform in the UK with 20 million users, following Facebook and Youtube.

In this post we explain what Twitter is, how charities can benefit from using the social platform and have a look at some examples of charities already using Twitter …Read More

The Top 30 Charity CEOs on Social Media 2017

Last night, we held the fifth annual Top 30 Charity CEOs on Social Media awards.

Zoe Amar and I cofounded the annual awards five years ago. Judges selected 30 charity leaders from over 100 nominated as the ones bringing the most transparency, personality and life to their organisations through their social media presences.

We also handed out awards to:

The Best Digital CEO
The Best Digital Leader
The Best Trustee on Social Media
The Best Leader …Read More

Person holding phone taking a photo

Why Aren’t Charities Braver on Social Media?

How many Twitter accounts do you follow that make you stop scrolling through your timeline as soon as you see them?
How many of them are charities?
Sometimes it seems non-NGO accounts are getting braver, brasher and bolder in their approach to social media. Politeness be damned – they know why they exist, and they’re calling out bad behaviour when they see it.

Accuse of them anything but being bland. And like it or not, their stance gets …Read More

5 facts about digital that can unlock internal investment

One of the many challenges heads of digital in charities can face is making the case for internal investment in digital.

CEOs and Directors who make the final decisions on what areas of work to invest in often have professional backgrounds in different (and more established) disciplines, like PR, communications and fundraising. Digital marketing is still a new kid on the block, relatively speaking, less understood and valued than the established disciplines.

So even at medium to large …Read More