Google Analytics 4 training for charities

2023 heralded the rollout of Google Analytics 4 – and it’s a big step up from Universal Analytics / GA3. 

The emphasis of reporting has shifted and the sheer volume of metrics available has expanded. 

Luckily, our training will help you get your head around all things GA4. 

It’s a half day online session, delivered for you and your team.  

This intermediate outline is for mixed digital and marketing teams, focused on using GA4 rather than setting it up. 

We can also adapt the session for more introductory level attendees, or on the other end, we can also cover more advanced features like filtering, comparisons and explorations.

We offer three courses – Introduction to GA4, Get to Know GA4, Get More from GA4.

Introduction to GA4

This session provides a comprehensive introduction to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), focusing on the basic functionalities and interface of the platform.

Suitable for beginners or those in need of a refresher in GA4. It’s ideal for anyone new to GA4 or looking to update their skills.

The course covers navigation of the GA4 interface, understanding user acquisition, analysing user behaviour, and an overview of key metrics like events, conversions, and monetisation.

  • GA4 interface and navigation: An essential guide to the layout and tools of GA4, crucial for efficient use.
  • User acquisition and traffic reports: Insights into how users find and interact with your website, a key metric for digital strategy.
  • User behaviour and content analysis: Understanding user interactions with your site to enhance user experience.
  • Events, conversions, and monetisation: Techniques to track and analyse key actions and goals on your site.
  • Explorations and custom reporting: Introduction to GA4’s advanced reporting capabilities for tailored insights.

Get to Know GA4

This course is designed for users familiar with Universal Analytics and transitioning to GA4. It bridges the gap between the two platforms, focusing on the unique aspects of GA4.

It’s perfect for people who have experience with Universal Analytics but are new to GA4 and for those looking to adapt their Analytics skills to the new platform.

Topics include:

  • Differences from Universal Analytics: A comparison of GA4 with its predecessor to ease the transition.
  • Navigation and admin changes in GA4: Focused guidance on the updated interface and administration features.
  • Mapping Universal Analytics practices to GA4: Strategies to transfer existing analytical practices to the new platform.
  • Advanced traffic and user behaviour reports: Delving into GA4’s enhanced reporting tools for deeper insights.

Get More From GA4

Aimed at intermediate users of GA4, this session delves into the more advanced features of the platform. It enhances the user’s ability to perform detailed data analysis and reporting.

It’s great for those who have basic knowledge of GA4 and want to explore its advanced capabilities. It’s also for users looking to deepen their understanding and use of GA4’s features.

The course includes advanced report exploration, event tracking, conversion analysis, and techniques for creating custom reports and segments.

  • In-depth exploration of GA4 reports: A comprehensive look at GA4’s reporting capabilities for nuanced insights.
  • Event tracking and conversion analysis: Advanced techniques for tracking user actions and goal completions.
  • Segmentation and audience building in GA4: Creating custom segments for targeted analysis and marketing strategies.
  • Custom report creation: Skills for developing bespoke reports to meet specific analytical needs.

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