Google Ads training for Charities

Our Google ads training is designed to give charities the knowledge and skills to smash their search advertising. 

Our training will help maximise your online impact, expand your reach, and attract crucial support for your charity.

Our sessions are informative and engaging, and you get the chance to try new techniques out for yourself. 

We have sessions for foundation and intermediate levels, making it accessible to everyone from beginners to those looking to refine their existing skills. 

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1. Google Ads Foundation

This half day session is perfect for newcomers to the world of Google Ads. 

We’ll show you how the platform works, keyword research and how to measure success. 

Intro to Ad Grants / Intro to Google Ads

  • How Google Search Ads work
  • Key features
  • What you can do use cases
  • Limitations of Ad Grants accounts 

Getting started

  • Setting goals
  • Understanding campaign options
  • Mapping out campaigns

Ad essentials

  • Keywords and keyword research
  • Writing compelling ads
  • Understanding bidding
  • Set-up walkthrough

Measuring success & optimising campaigns

  • What to look out for after campaign launch (common issues)
  • Key metrics
  • Monitoring search terms
  • Linking to Google Analytics
  • Tips for making changes

Or try our intermediate course.

2. Google Ads Intermediate  

Our half day session is great for those with some previous experience in Google Ads. 

We’ll show you how to audit your accounts, campaign type and improve your ads and targeting.

Account Audit

  • Reviewing previous performance
  • Assessing account structure
  • Reviewing key issues

Reviewing Campaigns

  • Are you using the right campaign types?
  • Checking campaign settings
  • Reviewing goals and bid strategy

Improving Targeting

  • Keyword and search term review
  • Effective keyword grouping
  • Checking audience and schedules

Improving Ads

  • Ad copy tips
  • How and why to test ads

Putting Processes in Place

  • Setting up processes
  • Automations
  • Reporting

Find out how we can help your charity

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