Meta Ads Consultancy for Charities

Boost your charity’s online presence with our tailored Meta Ads consultancy. 

You’ll get one-to-one access with our certified Meta Ads experts to access agency-level expertise to develop your in-house team.

Perfect for small charities with good internal skills and not quite enough budget to outsource whole campaigns to an agency. 

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How it works

  1. You outline your objectives for the work in a kick-off call
  2. We collaborate on a work plan that covers these objectives 
  3. You’ll meet around once a month to access the support agreed in the work plan
  4. You write your campaign plans and creative ideas for our team expert to review.
  5. We provided guidance on audience targeting, exclusions, budget allocation, and dynamic creative optimisation.
  6. You set up your campaigns within the Meta platform.
  7. Our team help you optimise your campaigns through screen sharing and deep dives into specific campaign tactics
  8. We then help you with data analysis, and campaign reports, and provide any other expert Meta Ads insights that might help you achieve your objectives

What you’ll get 

  • Tailored campaign plans: we help craft Meta advertising campaign plans made to resonate with your target demographic, leading to impactful campaigns.
  • Campaign management expertise: you’ll get insightful advice on campaign management and optimisation of your campaign
  • Meta Ads skills development: increased proficiency through hands-on learning with our team.
  • Empowerment: feel empowered to troubleshoot confidently in a culture of continual improvement.
  • Wider access: other teams at your charity can leverage the consultancy for additional insights.
  • Reporting support: we’ll help you show your colleagues the metrics that really matter. 
  • Transition to delivery: we can take the insights and plans developed during consultancy and execute them directly for you. You get a seamless transition from planning to action and a more cohesive and effective digital marketing campaign.

Find out how we can help your charity

Fill in the form below, tell us what you’d like to achieve, and we’ll get back in touch to arrange a call to tell you more about how we can help!