Meta Ads Brand campaigns

We run brand campaigns that increase brand awareness of your charity in your target audience.

Increased awareness of your charity and its impact means a bigger pool of people who know your charity and would be open to supporting it.

We do this by building Meta Ads campaigns aimed at users on Facebook, Instagram and the audience network.

The ads could leave them with a positive view of your work by showing them a short video about your impact, or through short ad text and an image of a case study. 

How we do it

We have a tried, tested and proven process, all managed carefully by our project manager and a team of experts.

  • Plan – we create a project scope, advertising strategy (that combines your goals and our expertise in the ads marketplace) and testing plan for the campaign
  • Set up – we set up the tracking and ads in the Facebook platform
  • Optimise – we adjust the ads and audiences on a daily basis to reach the people most likely to be interested in your charity’s mission.
  • Report – we keep you posted on how the campaign is going through a live dashboard, campaign calls and an end-of-campaign report.

Why work with us?

  • We communicate openly – we’ll make sure that you know what’s happening with your campaign the whole time and why it’s happening.
  • We’re experts in Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns – we work on campaigns for charities like yours every day.
  • You own your data – we always build ads in your account, so you can always see and own your own data.
  • We tailor reports – our real-time dashboards are tailored to you, giving you the key information you need to report back to your teams.
  • We help you build for the future – we’ll supply you with all the data, reports and insights you need to make sure you can carry success into the future.

Who we've worked with

We’ve run brand campaigns that build audience awareness for:

  • National Union of Students (NUS)

Find out how we can help your charity

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