Server-side tracking for Google Analytics 4

With website analytics, knowledge is power, and any gaps can be expensive. 

You’re probably aware that not all browser-side analytics solutions, like a standard Google Analytics set up, doesn’t collect all data. They only start after someone consents to their data collection by actively accepting cookies.

Those users who come and leave without taking any action or refuse to accept cookies, aren’t tracked by Google Analytics – leaving you with missing data that impacts your overall data quality.

The solution is server-side tracking, improving website performance, data security, and accuracy – while respecting users’ privacy.

We’d love to help you with:  

  • Setting up Google Tag Manager
  • Making the change from browser-side to server-side analytics, and
  • Ongoing server-side tracking and management.

What it is

Server-side tracking means moving your website’s tracking scripts from your browser to a cloud server (via Google Tag Manager). User logs are gathered directly from the server, so there’s less chance of browser interference that will affect your data’s quality.

How we do it

We get that this stuff can strike fear into the hearts of many. So we do the tricky bits like:

  • Setting up your Google Analytics property
  • Creating your Google Tag Manager containers
  • Uploading your server scripts
  • Importing GTM containers, and 
  • Integrating JavaScript into your website.


You simply sit back and enjoy higher-quality data, better website performance, and improved data security. 

Server-side set-up costs vary per project and ongoing server-side tracking pricing ranges from £1,000 to £2,000 a month depending on your website traffic amount, and the number of server hits received.

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve worked on data projects for household names like Mencap, Royal College of Surgeons, and Barnardo’s.

Why work with us

  • We’re data-led. Every project begins with thorough research and analysis, so our recommendations are justified and always based on evidence.
  • We’re detail-oriented. Our recommendations are clear, explicit, and comprehensive. You’ll know what you need to do and how to do it. 
  • We’re flexible. Your project is tailored to your unique circumstances, priorities, and budget.
  • We’re good people. We’re warm, friendly, and do great work. You’ll feel supported and encouraged throughout the process.

Find out how we can help your charity

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