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We help charities recruit regular givers and fundraisers, deliver top notch digital training and help them do better digital work.

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How to apply for the Google Ads Grant: the new enrollment process

Applying for the Google Ads Grant has got a little easier
The Google Ads Grants team has created a new process to apply for the grant. This will make it easier for nonprofits to apply for $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month, as long as they pass some online training to make sure they’re PPC pros.

The new process for applying for the Google Ads Grant looks like this:
1. Create a Google Ads account
2. Set up …Read More


Digital investment: charity’s money problem

There’s a great scene in Season 3 of the Wire.

In a meeting with his staff, the young, ambitious and newly-elected Mayor Carcetti is in good spirits. He’s campaigned for mayor on a platform of being tough on crime. And now that he’s assumed office, he’s committed to ending meaningless, numbers-driven policing in Baltimore in favour of more meaningful police work – even if it doesn’t play as well in the press.

He’s promised the police force …Read More


Understanding Search: what is search intent?

We ask Google more questions than anyone else in our lives. The search engine is used as a research tool, an agony aunt and a means to find content that will help us achieve our goals.

Google is the world’s most popular search engine because it provides the most relevant results. They have a sterling reputation and they maintain it by making sure that the adverts that are served are extremely relevant, whether those websites are …Read More