How British Heart Foundation raised millions by editing a simple web form

In our latest free lunchtime webinar, we looked at how British Heart Foundation raised over £2 million in the fight against heart and circulatory disease, simply by optimising to a key form on their website to help increase conversions.


Steve’s top tips for web forms:

  • Ask for as little information as possible, only include the essentials
  • Make the route through the form as clear as possible
  • On mobile forms, declare the input type


“No-one ever made a donation because the UX was brilliant on a web form, but lots of people didn’t make a donation because it was bad.” – Steve Guy


Thanks to Steve from British Heart Foundation for taking us through these important lessons in conversion rate optimisation. We’d love to hear what you thought, tweet @platypusdigi with any questions that came up during the webinar!


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