How to apply for the Google Ad Grants programme: the new enrolment process

Applying for the Google Ad Grants programme has got a little easier

The Google Ad Grants team has created a new process to apply for the grant. This will make it easier for nonprofits to apply for $10,000 of in-kind advertising each month, as long as they pass some online training to make sure they’re PPC pros.

The new process has 2 stages.

Part 1

1. Create a Google Ads account

Sign in to your nonprofits’ gmail account and set up a Google Ads profile. No matter what country you are in, make sure to select US Dollars when prompted so that the grant can later be applied to your account.

2. Request a Google for Nonprofits account

When you send the request the team will review your organisation and decide whether you are eligible for a nonprofits account.

3. Submit a pre-qualification survey

Google will then instruct you to complete a 10-minute survey which will indicate whether your organisation is eligible for the grant.

4. Complete Google Ad Grants training

The training is to help nonprofits understand more about the Ad Grants programme and to learn about the advertising policies, there is a short video and quiz to be completed.

Any Google Certified Professionals can by-pass the training and quiz.

5. Submit the account for review

Once the training and quiz are completed correctly, sign into your Google Ads account, select the checkbox for Ad Grants enrollment and submit your customer ID. Google will contact you shortly with their decision.

When you’ve been approved by Google you’ll need to set your account up.

Part 2

1. Set up conversion tracking 

It’s important to set up correct conversion tracking so that you can measure the actions a user might take on your website after they’ve clicked on an advert – find a guide to conversion tracking here.

2. Create your first campaign 

Next, you’ll need to use what you learnt in your training to create your first campaign. The structure of a campaign for Google Ad Grantees looks like this:

  • contains at least 2 ad groups
  • each ad group should have at least 2 text ads and a group of closely related keywords (no single or generic)
  • contains at least 2 sitelink ad extensions – these direct users to other pages on your website
  • specific geo-targeting to show ads in locations where users will find your nonprofit’s information and services useful

3. Make sure your account is compliant

The Google Ad Grants team has outlined a set of policies to help nonprofits deliver the most effective ads to people who are most interested in their cause. Learn more about why these policies exist and how you can be compliant here.

What’s the reason for the change in the process?

The Google Ad Grants team want to ensure that all grantees are set up for success. The new process will help those new to Google Ads understand the basics in order to deliver effectively text ads.


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