Google Ads are changing again

Two years after the great ad switch-up of 2016, it’s time to change your Google ads all over again. That’s right, there’s a new ad format in town. Responsive search ads.

First, we had search ads, the 25 character headlines, 70 character description ads that we had to split across two lines.

In 2016, Google gave us expanded text ads, which gave us two headlines and longer descriptions.

Now, we have responsive search ads.

They’re going to be literally …Read More

By Caio Resende,

How to navigate the new Adwords experience

It’s finally happening. A year after Google gave us the new Adwords interface to try, they’re taking the old one off us and forcing us into modernity.

As of July 10th, you’ll no longer be able to flick between old Adwords and new Adwords. You’ll have to use the new one, whether you like it or not.

Most people don’t like change. But fear not! The new Adwords interface is reason to celebrate. Here’s why. …Read More

Person holding phone taking a photo

Why Aren’t Charities Braver on Social Media?

How many Twitter accounts do you follow that make you stop scrolling through your timeline as soon as you see them?
How many of them are charities?
Sometimes it seems non-NGO accounts are getting braver, brasher and bolder in their approach to social media. Politeness be damned – they know why they exist, and they’re calling out bad behaviour when they see it.

Accuse of them anything but being bland. And like it or not, their stance gets …Read More

Four things holding back online fundraising

Nearly half of charities are only receiving 20% of their donations online.

By comparison, only one in five SMEs get the same percentage of their payments online. One in three actually get all their payments online.

In other words, businesses are way better at accepting online payments than charities. Online fundraising is falling behind.

While business and charities are of course very different kettles of fish, it’s still an alarm bell.

What is holding online fundraising back?
Not enough resources
This …Read More

The hidden harm of the luddite line

Ever been in a meeting where your organisation’s digital presence is being discussed?

Has an attendee (let’s call him John) ever smiled and said “I don’t get all this tech stuff” or “I’m a bit of a luddite!”?

Did you detect a note of pride in John’s voice?

Light-hearted asides like these (let’s call it the luddite line) these are more harmful to digital than they look.

If that person really does struggle to use the internet or computers …Read More

The Rise and Fall of the Digital Team

In what is probably a world’s first, I’m going to open this blog post with a joke from the future. And to pile on the excitement, Future You is in the joke! Here goes…
Future Me: Knock, knock
Future You: Who’s there?
Future Me: The Digital Team
Future You: The Digital Team who?
Future Me: Exactly!
[Future Us laugh knowingly and with gusto; Future Me spills her G&T slightly in the process.]
Present You is probably a bit confused right now, and …Read More

Which charities are smashing email marketing?

Email. Every charity is doing it, yet some are really knocking it out of the park.

We recently ran a live 30 minute lunchtime webinar, we took a look at some of our favourite emails from charities (both big and small).

We discussed why they are so effective and how your charity can start smashing email marketing too. Enjoy!

Our Picks:

Subject line: ‘Found: one home’

What worked?

Good subject line
Strong imagery
Short, concise copy
Targeted (I’m in a list where they know I’ve …Read More

Which charities are smashing social media?

We aren’t just talking about who gets the most likes and retweets – that’s always skewed towards the big boys.

Neither do we mean the charities with the biggest, flashest campaigns (great as they are of course).

We mean the charities who are out there every day delivering great content for its own sake; content that truly competes for attention with all those cat photos and pictures of feet up on beaches.

We recently ran a live 30 …Read More