How Platypus and the University of Oxford ran a 600:1 ROI CRO project

The challenge

The University of Oxford has a campaign called Oxford Thinking. It acts as a central donation hub where you can donate to any of the many different funds at the 38 colleges in the University.

The web team believed they could improve the conversion rate of the Oxford Thinking hub (the number of people who came to the page that completed their donation), raising more money for the excellent funds long term.

So they asked us to plan a series of tests on the website to encourage more people to finish that all-important donation process.

What we did

The team at Platypus analysed the behaviour of users on the page and came up with four tests. Each would test different key elements of the page that we believed would increase that conversion rate.

We planned tests that

  • simplified the layout of the page
  • improved the user experience by showing the donor their progress
  • reminded users what fund they were donating to when as they progressed through the pages.


Our testing programme gave the web team at the University some vital learnings. Our tests meant up to 22% more people were completing their donations.

testimonial on the work carried out by platypus for University of Oxford, improving ROI by 600:1
Image of Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford, UK

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