Three things we do to support small charities

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At Platypus Digital, we’re big believers in the power of small charities.

Few organisations can match the commitment and passion of a small group of people coming together around a common cause.

But that passion doesn’t always translate into being able to afford the service of an outside agency to reach more people and raise more money.

That’s why we do three things to support small charities.


Offer free consultancy

In partnership with the Small Charities Coalition, we offer free one-to-one sessions with small charities.

Staff or volunteers can come along with a specific or general challenge. We then offer them our advice pro bono, suggesting tools, techniques and platforms that they might not know about.

This gives people who have lots of things to do each day that aren’t digital pointers on where to focus their limited time.


Give 10% time

Some charities need more than that one off session. So our team are able to give up to 10% of their working day to support a small charity whose work they admire.

The charity needs to be willing to put in the hours necessary for the work to make a difference. It also has to be an organisation that can benefit from the skills we have to offer.

That’s how we work with The Bike Project, an amazing charity local to us that provides bikes for refugees to navigate London. We’re proud that our work has raised thousands of pounds to fund their work with some of the most vulnerable people in London.


Donate £1,000 per team member

Inspired by agencies like Open and Ethicall, our team each get £1,000 to donate to the charity of their choice.

They don’t have to be small charities, but they usually are. This year, they went to Gingerbread, Choir with No Name, Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Food Cycle Peckham.

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