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In our workshop with JMB Consulting last year, we identified lots of ways we could be a more anti-racist agency. 

One of those ways was influencing the charities and other agencies we know and work with to be more anti-racist and to pool all our shared learning on how we’ve been doing that. 

We have since met with a number of different agencies to start that process. All the agencies work with charities, and they have all taken steps towards becoming more anti-racist. 

This is the first in a series of posts sharing what we learned together. 

Speakers and helpful networks

Most agencies knew other organisations and networks that could help you become a more anti-racist organisation.

Diversity and inclusion communities in London – a list

This is a comprehensive list of communities in London doing great work across a lot of areas. They do use the problematic catch-all term ‘BAME’ in the spreadsheet, but there are some great organisations to connect with and amplify.

Great charity speakers

If you’re struggling to make your upcoming conference’s speakers more diverse, this list (compiled by Mandy Johnson) of great charity speakers is an excellent resource. Every category from CEOs to innovation is captured here. 

JMB consulting

Martha and Camille ran our anti-racism workshop, and did a great job. If you’re looking to improve your own organisation’s practices, they can really help you.

Organisations that can help you with recruitment

Recruitment is too often the entire focus of anti-racist work, rather than improving culture and practices for the people already in organisations. 

That said, these organisations can help you with more diverse recruitment. They will certainly push you to improve in other ways too. 

Collaborative Future

A number of agencies in the group have worked with Collaborative Future. They’re a social enterprise specialising in work placement programmes and hiring practices that connect growing teams with undiscovered talent.


Another organisation with great reviews from the group. They work with young people, businesses, and the community to address inequalities and create a fairer Bristol in particular.


YSYS connect talented diverse people to the right opportunities in tech. They’ve worked with Google, LinkedIn, FT and more. 

The Equal Group

We’ve spoken to the Equal Group, and they are great. They can give you the tools and support you need to fully reap the advantages that come from embracing diversity and inclusion.

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