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Today marks the launch of the sixth yes sixth annual Top 30 Charity CEOs on Social Media awards, and we’re proud to be co-founders and organisers once again.

We (not the royal we – I’m talking about us and Social CEOs cofounder Zoe Amar) – do these awards every year because we think the best heroes are people, not organisations.

This is the biggest ever year for the awards. GDPR has changed charities’ relationships with their supporters. Charities have never been under greater scrutiny.

Digital leadership

This year, we’re building on our efforts to highlight great digital leadership in areas beyond the realm of social media.

So we’ve introduced more digital categories for you to nominate people in.

Here are the categories you can nominate in:

  1. Social CEO (ie the top 30, from which we also pick an overall winner)
  2. Best trustee on social media
  3. Best digital trustee
  4. Digital CEO
  5. Digital leader (director or head of)
  6. Best leader on social media
  7. Best digital champion (exec level or equivalent)
  8. Rising star on social media

A panel of the great and the good will select 30 charity leaders (and the sub-category winners above) as the ones bringing the most personality, creating the biggest platform and communicating the most passion of their organisations through their social media presences.


Our sponsors

We’re grateful for the support of our lead sponsor JustGiving with whom the awards are in association, as well Lightfuland TPP Recruitment.


How to nominate

Nominate someone who has shown great digital leadership right here.

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