How Papworth Trust generated 1,000 enquiries for their autism-friendly holidays

Papworth Trust is a brilliant charity that supports over 5,000 disabled people.

They own a farm in Wales called Kerry Farm that provides much-needed breaks for families of children with autism. They wanted to generate more enquiries and bookings for Kerry Farm.

What we did

The landing page for Kerry Farm enquiries was complicated, overloaded with information and didn’t fully address the needs of the person visiting it.

So we built a new, stripped back landing page. We reduced the menu options and videos, which distracted visitors from the call to action. We tested the headline. We changed the image to see which one generated the most enquiries.

We connected Papworth Trust to people interested in a break on Kerry Farm using a simple enquiry form on the new landing page where they could request a brochure by email.

When we knew what the most successful combination was, we sent all the traffic to it through Facebook ads and Google AdWords.

papworth trust landing page example

The results

Our campaign generated 1,000 inquiries for holidays at Kerry Farm. Many of these families went on to have an essential break.

It also connected Papworth Trust with over 1,000 people who would be interested in their services long-term. They could even go on to become supporters of the charity themselves, as so many people who have been on breaks to Kerry Farm have done.

The testing that we did in this campaign was key to its success. Our targeted approach helped too.

We’re really proud to have connected the charity to the people who need it the most.