How Battersea used Facebook ads to recruit thousands of community fundraisers

Aim: Generate email leads for community fundraising product

Battersea were in year 2 of their new community fundraising project, Muddy Dog (think Tough Mudder with your dog in tow). They wanted to build on the success of year 1 by recruiting as many people as possible.

They had a unique opportunity to do just that, as Paul O’Grady was going to mention the event on his prime time TV show, For the Love of Dogs. This was bound to cause a spike in interest in the event that Battersea were keen to maximise.

What we did

We build a dedicated, focused landing page for the campaign where people could register their interest for their local event.

We then planned a cross-channel acquisition campaign using Facebook ads and Google ads to promote the landing page, with campaign budgets set to coincide with the plug on prime time TV.

Battersea dogs & Cats Meta ad example


Thousands of people saw the ads, clicked on our ads and registered for the event via our landing page.

What’s more, our super-shareable content meant that our cost per lead via Facebook ads went way down, as people were sharing our ads on to their friends on Facebook.