How Platypus used Spotify to support people affected by dementia

The challenge

We’ve been working with Dementia UK on their digital marketing campaigns since 2019. We’ve delivered millions of impressions, thousands of clicks and thousands of downloads of their leaflets, supporting people affected by dementia across a range of different topics.’

As a long term partner, we’re always on the lookout for new ways for Dementia UK to reach new audiences who might need support with a loved one who is living with dementia.

Dementia UK were already running a wider brand campaign called “I live with dementia”. It directed people to a landing page on their website where they could download a free guide written by their specialist dementia nurses – known as Admiral Nurses. The guide contained everything you need to know – top tips, things people wish they’d known and information and advice from Admiral Nurses and those affected by dementia. 

What we did

We suggested expanding the digital campaign to incorporate Spotify advertising. The platform has wide reach in the UK, it can meet both brand awareness and engagement objectives, and they could repurpose existing radio ads into audio Spotify ads (delivering a higher return for their investment in audio production).

We created two campaigns within Spotify. The first had impressions as the bidding goal and was optimised to bring the audio to as many people as possible.

The second campaign had clicks as the bidding goal. That was a beta feature only open to select agencies like Platypus with a close relationship with Spotify. The aim was to get people to click on the ads within Spotify mobile and desktop, visit the landing page and download the guide.

We created an audience plan that tested broad targeting against detailed targeting, to give Dementia UK more useful benchmarks for future campaigns.

The results

This was the first time that Dementia UK had run a Spotify campaign. So the idea was to identify benchmark CPMs and establish its effectiveness as a channel.

  • We delivered a CPM that was 84% lower than the target Dementia UK set. 
  • We also delivered an ad completion rate 96.8%, beating Spotify’s own benchmarks of 90%.
  • Our detailed reporting shows the team at Dementia UK how broad audiences performed compared to detailed audiences. This is crucial information that they can use in future Spotify campaigns.

Following this test and the great results, Dementia UK made budget available for an always-on Spotify campaign. It will raise awareness of their services to support people living with dementia and their family and friends long term. 

The team were pleased that they now have a digital channel that can deliver both brand awareness and engagement with their cause, as well as bringing their life changing service to more people. 

“It was exciting to work with Platypus testing this new channel as part of our brand campaign,” said Rebecca Brewer, Digital Marketing Manager at Dementia UK

“We want to raise the noise about the support we can offer people affected by dementia, and this was an effective channel to do just that. The Platypus team really knows their stuff when it comes to paid social, so it was a joy to work together on this. 

We are really happy with the results.”

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