How Platypus supported a national charity to run better Meta Ads campaigns

Our client, a national charity, was running a plethora of digital advertising campaigns on Meta. 

But their campaigns each had relatively small media budgets. Hiring an agency to deliver them would’ve eaten up a big chunk of that budget. 

The team, led by Emma, had decent skills in running campaigns in-house, but lacked that deep expertise in optimising and troubleshooting Meta issues. 

What we did

They turned to their digital marketing agency (that’s us!) to help them. 

We offered them a flexible Meta consultancy service customised to their needs and budget. 

We assigned our PPC Marketing Manager for Paid Social, Ruman, to partner with Emma on planning and managing campaigns. 

Here’s how it worked:

  • Emma sent her campaign plans and creative ideas to Ruman for each campaign for review. 
  • Ruman then provided advice on things like audience targeting, exclusions, budget allocation, and dynamic creative optimisation.  
  • Emma tapped up Ruman during campaign setup to answer those quick questions on configuring audiences or uploading lists. 
  • Ruman also double-checked the final builds to catch any issues before launch. 
  • Once live, she and Emma had regular check-ins to analyse performance and identify opportunities. 
  • Ruman provided data analysis support and created campaign reports to share with internal stakeholders on how the campaigns went.  

Emma also used their consultancy time together to ask broader Meta ads and marketing questions. 

Ruman drew on her years of expertise and to support Emma in these areas and really helped advance her learning.

The results

The partnership led to truly great things:

  • The client’s in-house teams built effective campaigns that drove great results. This led to properly optimised campaigns that met their key metrics and objectives. 
  • Our light touch consultancy empowered Emma to upskill on Meta ads through hands-on learning with an expert coach. 
  • Emma felt comfortable reaching out for troubleshooting without worrying she was asking too many questions, which she might if we were running the campaign. 
  • Other teams also leveraged the consultancy for additional insights and support.

This flexible, customised approach gave the client access to an expert Meta Ads lead without more agency fees than her team could afford. 

That helped build the business case for extending our partnership. 

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