How Platypus helped Mencap to improve the reliability of their marketing data

10-second summary

  • Mencap came to us for an audit of their Google Analytics (GA) and Tag Manager (GTM) accounts.
  • They needed clarification that their setup was correct so they could be confident their tracking data was accurate.
  • Our Google Analytics Health Check identified several gremlins that needed fixing.
  • We supported their in-house team to make the fixes, upskilling them for future changes, and ensuring the work was resourced most efficiently.
  • Mencap could finally trust in their GA setup and that their data was 100% accurate.

What was the challenge?

When Mencap came to us, they’d been using GA and Tags Manager for some time. But tricky, technical gremlins (like outdated settings and tags) threw their data’s credibility into question. Not an ideal scenario, when said data is used to make budget decisions. They understood that making robust decisions required the right data. And, to trust in their data they needed to know their tracking setup was sound. Having worked together since 2018, they asked us if and how we could help (they had an inkling we’d have the solution). When they appointed us, their objectives were to:
  • Complete an audit of their existing GA setup
  • Identify any issues and suggest fixes
  • Implement fixes (and later, support their in-house team to do so).

What did we do?

We could see that a Tracking Review was in order. Our diagnostic would quickly identify the problems, fixes, and how to go about making them. Using health check data, we costed out the time to:
  • complete and correct their GA setup (Account, Properties, Views, and reviewing GA script implementation)
  • fix their GA settings (default time, currency, domains, bot filters, site search set up, integrations, goals, tracking, referrals, and payment gateways)
  • complete their GTM set-up (cross-domain tracking across third-party sites and setting up pixels from social networks) and
  • fix data flow issues to ensure data fidelity (accurate tracking of UTMs, referrals, personally identifiable information, e-commerce data, goals, conversions, and a sampling comparison).
We discussed our findings and recommendations, agreed on the priorities, made a plan of action, and delivered the fixes. Next time around (Mencap repeat the audit periodically), we instructed Mencap’s in-house team on how to make the fixes, supporting the process, upskilling their team, and resourcing the work in the most efficient, cost-effective way.

What we achieved?

The team at Mencap were delighted with the outcome. Antonia Murray, Mencap’s Marketing Manager, said: ‘GA is a fundamental tool for setting and allocating Mencap’s marketing budget. So, the integrity of its data must be maintained. Having the Platypus team’s expert insights and technological know-how at our disposal whenever we need it, is extremely reassuring. It ensures that we always have the utmost confidence in our data – and our decisions based on it.

About Mencap

Mencap provides personalised support to people with learning disability and their families. Learn more about their wonderful work on their website.

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