How Platypus helped Dementia UK deliver support to 72,000 people

10-second summary

  • We have worked with Dementia UK on their digital marketing since 2019
  • Their marketing and communications team asked us to help raise awareness of their helpline and advice services
  • Our Meta Ads campaign reached over 9 million people, and directed 72,000 people to content that can help them.

The challenge

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia nurses to support people with dementia and their carers.

They also provide a telephone helpline and information leaflets for those with dementia and their families. They can use these services to learn more about dementia and get support. 

The marketing and communications team at Dementia UK knew the services helped a lot, but that they weren’t reaching nearly enough people who could benefit from them. 

So they asked Platypus to plan a digital campaign to raise awareness of their services

Dementia-UK logo

What we did

We knew that Meta Ads was the best way to promote the Helpline at scale. We could use their huge reach and precise targeting to make the Helpline better known by people who might need it.

Our Meta Ads team worked closely with the team at Dementia UK to develop an always-on advertising strategy to promote their telephone helpline and advice leaflets.

  • We identified priority sections of their website to drive traffic to, based on the needs of the audience the charity was targeting
  • We created an audience strategy, based on our in-depth knowledge of the most responsive audiences for Dementia UK
  • We developed a testing plan for the campaigns to get them the most traffic for the budget that they had
  • We worked closely with Dementia UK on the ad content to make sure the campaign promoted the most helpful benefits of using the helpline
  • We planned regular content refreshes to avoid audience fatigue

We also had regular results calls with the team at Dementia UK to keep them up to date on how all of the above was going. 

What we achieved

More than 9 million people saw the ads. Those that didn’t need the help straight away now know where it is if they ever do need it. 

This increased brand awareness and reputation of Dementia UK. Higher brand awareness means better results for all campaigns, so this is what we saw in the other campaigns we ran for them. 

Over 72,000 people have accessed the information leaflets. These will help guide them and their loved ones through dementia. 

Calls to the Helpline also increased as a result of our campaign.

Dementia UK were delighted with the results. Kylie Petitt, digital engagement lead at Dementia UK said, “Platypus were amazing to work with on this campaign. Dementia UK really wants to reach many more people affected by dementia than we currently do, and the Meta Ads team have really helped us with this. They’re the best agency I’ve ever worked with!”

Image curtesy of Matthias Zomer for Dementia UK

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