How Platypus Helped Barnardo’s increase their website’s organic traffic

Founded in 1867, today Barnardo’s supports hundreds of thousands of children, young people, parents and carers across the UK.

Barnardo’s recently had a website overhaul. That meant the charity needed a new SEO strategy to bring more traffic to their website.

The challenge

Barnardo’s has a long-standing history of supporting thousands of UK children, with many different services operating around the country. 

The website had a large number of pages and different sections.

A recent project to streamline and amalgamate different sections on the website reduced the traffic and SEO rankings significantly. 

Barnardo’s knew they needed a strong new strategy to improve their website’s traffic, so they appointed Platypus as experts in both charities and SEO.

What we did

We carried out a series of audits of the website to build up a full picture of the current SEO situation.

This included: 

  • Technical audit
  • Deep dive into Google Search Console
  • Review of rankings on Bing 
  • Content audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis

From this analysis, we created a detailed SEO strategy and content plan 

We worked closely with Barnardo’s to understand the underlying issues that would inform the best way to bring more traffic to the website. 

We then identified a series of quick wins we knew could help boost traffic initially as well as working on more detailed, long-term plans.

What we achieved

Our work delivered:

  • a detailed report of technical fixes to improve the speed and Google-friendliness of Barnardo’s website.
  • a content plan to help the charity focus on high-traffic keywords with high-quality content.
  • a plan to remove redundant pages and links and clean up the current sitemap.

This allowed us to improve the site performance and Google visibility and build a road map to gain more traffic from new keywords.

We also set up regular performance meetings to show them how to implement SEO best practices, what order to do everything in, and what would have the most impact in the shortest possible time.

Barnardo’s were very happy with the plan!

“Thanks to the recommendations provided by Platypus, we have given greater consideration to SEO and our in-house team has been able to make extensive improvements to our website quickly. We are really pleased with the results and the improved user journey for our audiences.”

Nataliya Deleva-Marzeva, Head of Digital Content and Engagement at Barnardo’s

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