How Platypus brought Missing People’s mental health support to 4,000 new people

10-second summary

  • Missing People wanted to recruit supporters and raise awareness of their mental health resources
  • We managed a Facebook Ads campaign driving supporters to a landing page on Missing People’s website where they could download free resources
  • Over 4,000 people downloaded the resources at a significantly lower cost than our target and the campaign was extended due to its success

What was the challenge?

Missing People’s mission is for every missing child and adult and every loved one left behind to find help, hope and a safe way to reconnect.

Over 100,000 adults go missing in the UK every year. Up to 80% have mental health problems, so the charity provides free guides on managing mental health on their website.

The charity wanted to reach new audiences and collect leads for people they could build relationships with and convert into donors to support their work.

What did we do?

We started by providing consultancy to the charity on their landing page content. We advised on the copy, images and structure which would help boost on-page conversion rates. This would lead to more people downloading the guide from all traffic sources.

We then planned a Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign which would drive people to download the guide.

We mapped out all the audiences who would see the campaign including engaged, interest-based and lookalike audiences.

We agreed to run the campaign for four weeks.

The campaign was bringing in so many leads that it was extended to six weeks.

What we achieved

Over 4,000 people downloaded the guides and were made aware of the charity’s mental health resources.

They also gave their contact details to Missing People. So these new supporters will now be nurtured by the charity to take campaigning actions, raise awareness of the charity’s work and make donations.

Natasha Stephenson, Marketing and Communications Officer at Missing People, said:

“We were really happy with how the campaign went; Platypus did an amazing job at helping us achieve the results we needed.

“We would recommend them because, throughout the campaign, we received excellent support from the team, and any issues were quickly communicated and resolved. They also went the extra mile and were happy to answer questions and advise on other campaigns or projects outside of this one. We would be delighted to work with them again on a campaign should the opportunity arise!”

example of missing people uk meta ad story image

example of missing people uk meta ad story image

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