5 ways your charity can use ChatGPT

ChatGPT and other large language models (LLMs) are powerful AI tools that are quickly becoming essential.

At Platypus, we’ve been exploring how these technologies can help charities work more efficiently and effectively. 

Here are two practical applications that your organisation can start using today.

Topic summaries and tone changes

Do you ever struggle to write compelling copy for your charity’s website, emails, or social media posts? 

ChatGPT excels at summarizing complex topics and adjusting the tone to fit your own inspirational style.

While you might not want to outsource all of your writing just yet, it can help you generate email subject lines, topic inspiration and content structure that meets the prompts you give it.

JustGiving has introduced a “Story Enhancer” feature powered by OpenAI. Fundraisers Who are setting up their own fundraising pages input a few basic details about their story and motivation For fundraising in the first place select a desired tone (like urgency, optimism, empathy), and the AI generates an inspiring narrative. 

This isn’t just a fun time saver. This has led to increased conversion rates and more donations. That means more money to do life saving work.

You can use LLMs in a similar way to create powerful, emotionally resonant content that drives your mission forward. 

Plenty of charities are using it to aid their own internal personal communication style. There’s lots of nonsensical management speak around in emails and other professional documents.

Cutting and pasting that content into ChatGPT, asking for plain English translation and even asking it to help you create a jargon filled translation of your own plain English response can be a massive time saver and help people get their ideas across more clearly.

AI-Powered Meeting Minutes 

Taking meeting notes can be tedious and time-consuming. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes at least to produce decent notes from a video call or in person meeting.

Not only that, but taking notes often leaves the note-taker less engaged in the actual discussion. That’s not fair. 

But what if you could generate comprehensive minutes automatically?

With ChatGPT, you can. Simply record your meeting, transcribe the audio, and feed the text into the AI with a prompt specifying your desired format and level of detail. 

In less than a minute, you’ll have a polished set of notes ready to share with your team.

This allows everyone to be fully present during meetings while still capturing all the important points, decisions, and action items. 

It’s a huge time-saver and ensures better communication and alignment across your organization.

The importance of prompts

The key thing with using large language models like ChatGPT is the quality of your prompt.

You can’t just give it one sentence of an instruction and expect it to get a perfect result first time.

Any more than you would do with a human learning your job for the first time. Make the contents of your prompt as detailed as possible. Specify the style that you’re looking for. Specify that you want UK spellings, paragraph length, tone of voice.

ChatGPT can learn from all these things if you give it the right instructions.

And when you get a first draft result back don’t just stop there. Ask for more information. Ask it for edits. It can keep giving you more edits and refinements based on the instructions you give it.

Make use of this amazing resource by giving it the favour of giving it quality instructions in the first place.

The other three ways

This content is taken from a webinar we ran with our good friends at William Joseph.

Check out their post on other ways that charities can use ChatGPT to be inspired and enthralled.

A few important notes

While the potential applications of AI for charities are huge and super exciting, we’ve got to approach these tools thoughtfully and responsibly. 

Data privacy, security, ethics, and potential biases are all incredibly important. .

This post is meant for inspiration purposes only – we haven’t touched on those critical topics. They still matter. 

But with the right safeguards and principles in place, we believe LLMs can be an incredible force for good in the charity sector.

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