Top Free SEO Tools to Boost Your Charity’s Website Performance  

There’s no point investing in your charity’s landing pages and blog if nobody’s visiting – that’s why SEO is so important.

And to get SEO results, you need to use mega-expensive analytics platforms, right? 

Many SEO agencies would say yes. Not us though. 

There are plenty of free SEO tools that will help you get the most out of your charity’s website without spending a fortune.

The four tools below all focus on keyword research. That’s a vital element of SEO that will help you create the right content for your audience and get more traffic from search engines. 

Plus, they’re faff-free and ideal for SEO beginners. 

Answer the Public

SEO isn’t just about targeting a specific search term – it’s about producing content that answers related questions and is fundamentally relevant to your audience. 

Answer the Public makes it easier to do this by telling you what your audience is really talking about. 

The free search listening tool draws from search autocomplete data on Google to show you related keywords and questions. 

For example, searching for ‘mental health’ brings up a visual tool of related questions and their search volumes. That includes ‘What mental health means’ and ‘When’s mental health awareness week.’ 

You can use these answers to create strategic content around particular pillars. That makes your website more relevant and gets more traffic.

Keyword Surfer

This handy Chrome extension tells you the search volumes for the keywords you search for in Google. 

It’ll also generate keyword ideas based on your search so you can plan content that hits popular search terms.

You can also use Keyword Surfer to see how the top-ranked pages on Google are performing. Use this information to help optimise your pages for more traffic.

The extension tells you the estimated monthly traffic for each search result. It covers the domain, the page’s word count, and the number of exact keywords on the page.

Google Keyword Planner

If you already have a Google Ads account, this tool should definitely be part of your SEO arsenal. 

Keyword Planner draws on Google’s in-depth data on search terms to help you find promising new target keywords.

You can also input your website link and the software will generate keywords related to your existing content.   

It’ll also help you plan effective Google ad campaigns if that’s part of your digital marketing strategy. Upload a list of your search terms, and you’ll get a keyword forecast, including performance estimates based on your ad budget.  

Question DB 

Like Answer the Public, Question DB can generate a list of keyword questions from a broad subject. 

Answer the Public draws data from Google searches, while Question DB pulls questions from popular Q&A websites like Reddit and Quora.

If your charity works with animals for example, you could search for ‘cats’ and generate potential keywords like ‘How long do cats live’ and ‘Is it bad to have indoor cats.’ 

As you can probably imagine, Question DB is an excellent tool for discovering trends related to your keywords. 

Once you’ve uncovered a popular search query, you can create content that directly answers that question to produce content precisely designed for your audience.

You don’t always need expensive SEO tools

There’s so much data and information you can pull from free software and tools. Affordable SEO tools will only get better as AI plays a part. 

Drop us a message if you’re still struggling to get SEO results or want to know how to make the most of these free tools. We’ll put our best SEO minds to the problem and find a solution that gets your charity more visibility. 

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