Our new vegan food policy

We recently held a big meeting at Platypus Digital for a client of ours. We brought together lots of different people from the many teams we work with there.

We decided to try buying an all-vegan lunch for everyone from Pure (who do incredible wraps and treats). It went down so well that we wondered if we should do what other organisations are doing more and more – only provide vegetarian or vegan food at our meetings and events.

We had an anonymous internal poll on the topic. And it was a landslide victory for vegan food!

So from now on, we’ll only provide vegan food at our events. It’s more inclusive, it’s more humane, and it’s better for the planet.

We then implemented this at our client Christmas drinks, serving some super-tasty vegan nibbles (apparently made by one of Madonna’s chef, which frankly I can well believe they were that good).

We know this won’t be popular with everyone. So we will be giving people the option to request meat if they so choose, as a dietary requirement. And of course other dietary requirements like gluten-free will still be catered for.

Henceforth, expect extremely delicious plant-based food at Platypus events.

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