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At Platypus Digital, we get to hear some amazing stories of charity digital folk doing great things in the sector.

So here are two that we’d like to share with you.

Bob Barbour, former director at vinspired

I met Bob when he spoke at a DSC conference in 2019. He told the story of how he’s personally trying to rescue a digital product from going down with the charity that was responsible for creating it.

I was blown away by what the charity went through, and his personal dedication to the product. I wanted to share his story more widely. So here it is.

Lynn Roberts, assistant director of digital and innovation at Action for Children

We’re big fans of strategy done right at Platypus Digital. 

So we wanted to speak to someone at a charity with personal experience of getting their strategy up and running at their charity. 

She told us how she did it, and how she would do it if she worked for a small charity.


What did you think?

Planning, recording and editing podcasts was a bit of a rough and ready test for us. 

So please tell us what you thought of the above podcasts by answering just three questions

That will help us decide what to do next (if anything). 

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