Platypus transforms Samaritans’ lead generation campaigns on Facebook

The challenge

Samaritans had been running a value exchange lead generation campaign on Facebook. It was raising money via the individual giving team.

While their conversion rates remained strong and within target cost per acquisition, they knew there was room for improvement, especially with a gradually increasing cost per lead. 

What we did

The Platypus team conducted a thorough review of Samaritans’ existing Facebook ads setup and immediately identified opportunities for enhancement. 

We collaborated closely with the Samaritans team. We didn’t just do it all for them, we provided step-by-step guidance and explanations to empower them to effectively manage the campaign in the future.

Our Meta team implemented strategic changes to the campaign, focusing on optimising ad targeting, creative, and bidding strategies. 

Throughout the process, we maintained regular communication with the Samaritans team. We used clear, jargon-free language to make sure everyone felt informed and involved, a true team.. 

We continually monitored the campaign and made timely adjustments based on performance data. 

The results

*   Significantly reduced cost per lead 

*   Improved lead quality and engagement

*   Better response rates from leads

*   Reduced attrition rates compared to previous campaigns

*   Samaritans team gained confidence and skills to manage future campaigns effectively

“The cost per leads dropped significantly – it was a shocking reduction!” said Jade Deeley, Head of Individual Giving at Samaritans.

“At first, we were a little bit worried that that would mean poor quality data. But actually, the opposite has happened – we’ve just got better data, more engaged people, better response rate, for less money.” 

“The Platypus team make complex digital strategies easier to understand. It’s always a joy to join meetings with them.” 

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