7 things about to be changed by Facebook donations

images of facebook page for WWF showing 7 things about to be changed by Facebook donations

Introducing New Tools for Nonprofits from Facebook on Vimeo.

There will be way, way more donations

Facebook and Twitter users don’t like leaving the social network once they’re in them. That’s why they both have their own browsers, to help come back after clicking on a link. The fact that you won’t have to leave Facebook in order to make a donation means that there will be way, way more donations in total.

No more ‘could pay for’

Most of Facebook fundraising will be for specific things and campaigns, not just general donations. That means you have to say exactly what you’ll use the money for. JustGiving pioneered this through their Campaigns tool.

So you know that phrase ‘Your donation could pay for…”? Well, that might well be a thing of the past.

Your messages will need to be super short.

44% of Facebook users are mobile-only now. Mobile users hate reading long text.

So if your messages stand any chance of being read, they will have to be much, much shorter than they are now. Is your copywriting strong enough to tell your story so concisely?

Sharing will be worth even more

We already know from JustGiving that every share to Facebook is worth about £5. Now that a user sharing the fact of his or her donation with friends will be part of the entire experience, maybe it will be worth even more.

You need to accept PayPal

As well as credit / debit card, Facebook will accept PayPal. This shows just how important a quick donation experience is to Facebook.

Ok, Facebook will accept PayPal on your behalf so you don’t have actually have to yourself. But it proves the need for a quick, seamless donation experience now.

The word fundraiser has just changed meaning

The word ‘fundraiser’ used to mean a person who fundraises. Now, thanks to Facebook it has the more American meaning of ‘fundraising campaign or event’, specifically one that takes place on Facebook.

So we might need a new word for the person who fundraises. How about Megahero?

You need to send proper campaign updates

It’s no longer enough to say thank you for your donation and forget all about the person who made it.

These are fundraising campaigns, and the tool is built around updating on their progress with thermometers and the like that you need to write up for people on the progress of the campaign behind the same. You can’t just forget about it anymore. Have you got processes in place to gather this information?

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