Google AdWords is a hugely powerful tool for charities.

Google’s $10,000 monthly grant means you can advertise on Google’s search results pages. This will send thousands of people to your website every month. People who specifically want to find out more about your cause, donate and volunteer.

It’s the most measurable, targeted kind of advertising you can do. Way more so than radio, TV, or ads in your local newspaper.

How we can help

We manage the Google Grants and paid AdWords accounts for charities. We deliver detailed keyword research, well-written ads that people can’t help but click, and even track which keywords get you the most donations.

We optimise your accounts, so the best ads bring you the best traffic, month after month.

We don’t just do text ads either. Image, video, and shopping ads all help you promote your work, and get your life-changing message in front of more people.

How we work

We have a collaborative, friendly approach. We work closely with you and your team, before, during and after campaigns are set up. We keep you informed, and answer your questions whenever you have them.

All this means greater brand awareness, more donations and more supporters for your charity, and peace of mind for you.


Case study: Relate

As part of our ongoing work with the digital team at Relate, we rebuilt their AdWords account from the ground up.

We removed keywords that were bringing them irrelevant traffic, improved keyword strategy across the board and wrote a suite of new Adwords ads to drive traffic to their website. 

Within a month, they were up to the $10,000 monthly spend required to apply for the upgraded GrantsPro account, and were bringing thousands of people in need of relationship advice and resources to their site.

We love being able to help Relate bring their life changing relationship services to hundreds more people. And we love working with them long term.