Digital investment: charity’s money problem

There’s a great scene in Season 3 of the Wire.

In a meeting with his staff, the young, ambitious and newly-elected Mayor Carcetti is in good spirits. He’s campaigned for mayor on a platform of being tough on crime. And now that he’s assumed office, he’s committed to ending meaningless, numbers-driven policing in Baltimore in favour of more meaningful police work – even if it doesn’t play as well in the press.

He’s promised the police force …Read More

5 facts about digital that can unlock internal investment

One of the many challenges heads of digital in charities can face is making the case for internal investment in digital.

CEOs and Directors who make the final decisions on what areas of work to invest in often have professional backgrounds in different (and more established) disciplines, like PR, communications and fundraising. Digital marketing is still a new kid on the block, relatively speaking, less understood and valued than the established disciplines.

So even at medium to large …Read More