Digital advertising manager vacancy – CLOSED

Person specification / job description

Summary of the role

The digital advertising manager at Platypus Digital will work with the digital strategist and our charity clients on all aspects of their campaigns, equip charities with key digital marketing skills and promote the agency to the charity sector in the UK.

Location: London Bridge (SE1)

Role type: Full time, permanent

Salary: £33-37,000

Closing date for applications: Thursday 4 October, 2018

How to apply: complete the online application form

Essential skills

  • Digital campaign planning – planning audiences, selecting channels, and advising on data protection implications
  • Project management – managing projects using collaborative cloud based tools
  • Paid social media – planning audiences using Audience Insights, testing on Facebook Ads and reporting
  • Google Ads – advising on campaign structures, keyword research and writing ad copy
  • Analytics and reporting – setting up Google Data Studio reports and adding insights
  • Content marketing – creating effective web content
  • Business development – promoting the agency through effective campaigns

Essential experience

  • Experience in a digital campaigning role within a charity
  • Experience working on digital campaigns that have brought new supporters to charities or increased email list size
  • Keeping on top of changes in digital advertising algorithms and trends


Campaign planning

  • Working with clients to plan the campaign, define the target audience and select digital channels.
  • Planning content to promote the campaign effectively
  • Advising clients on the GDPR and data/privacy implications of their processes and campaigns

Project management

  • Using cloud-based project management tools like Asana and Google Sheets to manage projects
  • Working remotely with external clients / stakeholders using tools like Google Hangouts, Drive, and video conference calls to drive projects forward

Paid social media

  • Creating detailed campaign audience plans using tools like Audience Insights
  • Creating click to website and lead gen Facebook ads (text and images) that meet the needs of specific audiences  
  • Creating ad and audience testing plans that increase response and reduce cost per click
  • Setting campaign objectives to maximise impressions and reduce cost per click
  • Setting up Facebook ad campaigns, ensuring campaigns are adequately tracked
  • Optimising campaigns daily to ensure maximum reach and minimum cost per result
  • Reporting on they key metrics of Facebook ad campaigns so clients can understand how they performed

Google Ads

  • advising on account and campaign structures aligned with client objectives.
  • Delivering extensive keyword research for search marketing campaigns by using tools such as SEMRush, Optmyzr and Search Console
  • writing engaging keyword-rich ad copy and plan AB test ads to improve campaign performance
  • downloading, manage and edit campaigns through AdWords Editor

Analytics / reporting

  • Working with our developers to ensure clients’ tracking is set up so that clients can track their key conversions and goals
  • Creating standard reporting dashboards in Google Analytics
  • Setting up custom dashboards in Google Analytics
  • Setting up Data Studio reports
  • Interpreting the data and make data-driven recommendations to our clients

Content marketing

  • Describing the main principles of effective content marketing for charities and agencies alike
  • Creating web content that improves the effectiveness of Google Ads and other digital campaigns.

Business development

  • Responding to enquiries from potential clients by email and talking to them about our services by phone and in person
  • increasing agency brand awareness within their target market
  • Analysing competitors
  • Writing clear and costed proposals to potential clients about the work we could deliver for them
  • Planning and facilitate in person events with potential clients promoting digital fundraising



Ideally you’ll also have experience of:

  • Designing training sessions in digital marketing topics like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads and Google Ads
  • Delivering and facilitating the training sessions
  • Gathering feedback on the effectiveness of courses
  • Improving the sessions based on the feedback
  • Arranging and running presentation events with small groups of potential clients to promote a service

How to apply: complete the online application form