Summary of the role

We are looking for a freelance paid social specialist at Platypus Digital.

You will help build Facebook Advertising campaigns for our charity clients. 

We’re looking for someone who is:

About the role

Location: Currently remote.

Role type: Freelance or fixed term contract. 

Closing date for applications: Rolling applications. We will keep recruitment open until we find the right candidate.

How to apply: Fill in the online application form

Who we are

Platypus Digital is a digital marketing agency for the charity sector, based in London. We work with charities, social enterprises and other organisations doing great work.

Digital can get important messages in front of people when they need them the most. So we build campaigns that change people’s lives for the better.

What you will do


Tools you will use

How to apply 

Fill in the application form


We are working hard to become an anti-racist and truly inclusive employer. Our team is friendly, supportive and working hard to improve its culture. We have a diverse team. We really encourage applications from people of colour, women, new parents, people with disabilities and anyone identifying as LGBTQ+.

Platypus Digital is a Living Wage accredited employer.

Blind recruitment

We have a blind recruitment process in place for this role to reduce unconscious bias. We only want to shortlist and hire candidates based on ability.

This means our shortlist will remove names and LinkedIn profile links. The questions are about your skills, not experience.

Here’s the whole process.

  1. Applicants complete an online application form
  2. Personal information is removed by our HR company
  3. They share the long-list with Platypus Digital
  4. Platypus Digital shortlists based on application answers alone
  5. Our HR company contacts the shortlisted candidates to arrange interview times (early and late slots are available)
  6. The interview will start with a time limited test for the candidate to work through alone.
  7. The interview questions will test paid social marketing ability. They will be scored individually by the panel, which will include someone from our HR company.
  8. After the interview, the panel will gather the completed sheets and calculate scores.
  9. Finally, we contact the successful candidate.

Interview questions

These will cover:

The interview panel

The interview panel will be Sarah Espiner (digital strategist) who will work with the freelancer, and Sian Whittington of Bespoke HR (who support Platypus Digital in all aspects of HR).

Decision criteria

The interviewers will score each answer 1 (not demonstrated ability), 2 (partially demonstrated ability and 3 (fully demonstrated ability).

We will compare total scores to find a candidate who demonstrates ability to do the job.

Where ability scores are equal, we will go with the candidate with the best values scores.

Contact us for more info

If you have any questions about the role, just email Sarah at [email protected].