Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity is one of the most recognisable charity names in the world.

That fame translates into high brand recognition and search interest online. But they were unsure how to make the most of those opportunities.

So back in 2016, they approached us to audit their Google Ads account, and come up with a clear, practical series of recommendations for how they could do maximise their search interest online.

What we did

We went through both their paid Google Ads and Grantspro accounts with a fine-toothed comb to see where the main opportunities were.

In particular, we look at their

  • Account performance – including account structure, set up, ad copy and keyword organisation and use of match types
  • How the charity delivers its PPC activity – including how the various tasks are managed between different teams and agencies, the processes for ad creation / keyword research, and a comparison of different models of PPC management
  • What they can learn from other charities – including what models other charities use, common PPC challenges across the sector and what level of performance they should be aiming for

We packaged all this into a detailed and practical written report, including recommendations they could implement straight away.

The report included:

  • The main opportunities in their Google Ads accounts
  • How we recommended organising PPC activity at the charity
  • Details of the potential impact of implementing our recommendations

We also presented a summary of the report to key stakeholders. The meeting was a really useful discussion of the challenges and activities ahead, one which added a layer of informal context to the full written report.

The results

The report was so well received that the digital team asked us to manage their Ad Grants and paid Google Ads campaigns for the charity on an interim basis.

We were delighted to do this and worked with the digital and fundraising teams on paid search and display campaigns.