Quick wins for SEO

Search engine optimisation can be so difficult these days. It’s not as simple as dumping a load of keywords on a website anymore. There are all sorts of factors to take into consideration if you’re looking for a decent organic listing. You might even find that you need to hire a professional.

But first, try some of these top tips. They might give you the little nudge you need.

Your pages should have a meta description
It …Read More

Metrics: what to measure, and what to ignore

Digital breeds data
If the only data you track is how much your brand’s Twitter following and Facebook likes are increasing each month, you are not tracking enough.

If you look at Excel spreadsheets packed with every number that Google Analytics stores each month, you are tracking too much.

Here are the top metrics you should be tracking.


*Disclaimer – you might need a developer to do the technical jiggery-pokery that unlocks these numbers. But trust me, it is …Read More

7 digital must-haves for charities

Getting started with digital at your charity can be an overwhelming prospect.

There is such a huge number of tools, platforms and opportunities out there that it can be impossible to narrow down where to start.

Here are the 7 essential things we think every charity should have as part of their marketing arsenal.
A plan
Before you get started with all those fancy tools, do you know who you’re actually going to try and reach with …Read More

Getting started with AdWords

We’ve all gotta start somewhere. If you’ve found this blog, chances are you already know more than most. In this blog, we’re going to give a rundown of what AdWords is, how it works and how to get started. See you in the comments!

What is AdWords?
AdWords is Google’s advertising platform which lets advertisers pay to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs), YouTube, across the Google Display Network, as well as AOL search, Ask.com, and …Read More

An introduction to Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social media platform that enables people and organisations to share their thoughts and have discussions with other relevant Twitter users.

It is the third most popular social media platform in the UK with 20 million users, following Facebook and Youtube.

In this post we explain what Twitter is, how charities can benefit from using the social platform and have a look at some examples of charities already using Twitter …Read More

5 ways to comply with Google’s new Ad Grant changes

Google has just announced an update to its rules on Google Ad Grants accounts.

There’s some good news, and some bad news (with good effects).
The headlines
There are three big changes:

Maximised conversions for all – that means bidding more than $2 for keywords.
A minimum click through rate – your account needs to average 5% now
Better keywords – no single keywords, no targeting other brands, no vague keywords

Changes kick in on 1 January 2018.
The details …Read More

How to apply for the Google Ad Grant

What is the Google Ad Grant?
The Google Ad Grant (commonly known as Google Grants) is a $10,000 monthly in-kind advertising spend for Google AdWords that Google gives to registered charities and nonprofits.

That means charities registered with the scheme can advertise on the Google search results page for free. That in turn generates traffic to the charity’s website.
Who uses it?
Thousands of charities all over the world use the Google Ad Grant.

If you Google anything charity-related, you’ll …Read More

Six sources of inspiration for charity digital teams

Digital can be a lonely old job.

More often than not, the main digital person at a charity is in a small team. Or the only ‘digital’ person in the whole place.

That means they lack folk with deep experience in their trade to lean on and draw inspiration from. So they have to look outside the organisation for that.

Here are six sources that have been educational, inspiring and a kick up the arse all at once …Read More

Digital marketing for charities who are short of time

Digital is an unbelievably important area for charities and nonprofits. Almost everyone experiences your organisation online first and foremost, from funders and fundraisers, to supporters and journalists.

Here are the foundations for ensuring that your digital marketing makes sense to all audiences, and that all channels are in sync with each other.
Have a simple website
Your website is the first port of call for people looking for advice or information about your cause.

While a super-sleek professional web …Read More

Google’s making a change – and it’s going to affect your charity’s website

On April 21st Google will be updating their search algorithm. Any websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will be penalised and this will mean you’ll see a huge drop in your ranking on Google mobile searches.  Remember Panda and Penguin? This one is going to be even bigger.

What’s the change?
Google will be taking into account how mobile-friendly your website is when it ranks your website for relevancy in its results pages on mobile searches. This means that …Read More