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We’re a London-based digital marketing agency.

We work with charities, social enterprises and other organisations doing great work.

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Six sources of inspiration for charity digital teams

Digital can be a lonely old job.

More often than not, the main digital person at a charity is in a small team. Or the only ‘digital’ person in the whole place.

That means they lack folk with deep experience in their trade to lean on and draw inspiration from. So they have to look outside the organisation for that.

Here are six sources that have been educational, inspiring and a kick up the arse all at once …Read More

PLATYPUS_blog luddite

The hidden harm of the luddite line

Ever been in a meeting where your organisation’s digital presence is being discussed?

Has an attendee (let’s call him John) ever smiled and said “I don’t get all this tech stuff” or “I’m a bit of a luddite!”?

Did you detect a note of pride in John’s voice?

Light-hearted asides like these (let’s call it the luddite line) these are more harmful to digital than they look.

If that person really does struggle to use the internet or computers …Read More

Platypus Digital Google Ad Grants

5 reasons Google AdWords is vital for charities


Billions are spent on online advertising every year. 60% of all online ads are search ads. The vast majority of Google’s mind-boggling income comes from Google AdWords.

Charities get an amazing $10,000 monthly advertising grant on the Google AdWords platforms. Which is great, but just because something is free, doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Why bother using it?

Here are five reasons your charity should be on Google AdWords, starting today.

Immediate route to a targeted market
AdWords gives …Read More


“Working with Platypus has been a pleasure. They completely understood our brief from day one, used their deep understanding of digital marketing to attract new audiences, and shaped content that encouraged more people to access our online support.”

Head of Marketing

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